in the garden

This page is dedicated to all the green fingers here at Wimbledon


fine art wood work office were Pete and Will live, mostly spider plants (the lazy mans favourite, impossible to kill). mixed in with a few other plants witch i forget what there called but i’ll update the page when i remember.

This is Graham in his resin workshop with his spider plants , he uses his plants to clear the air of toxins………..apparently.Lovely orchids Christine,

Looking good there Anne.

That’s quite a succulent Jenny, what is it exactly?

The original green man himself , from left to right, tomato plant,aspidistra, beard,sunflower, tomato plant, aspidistra, thanks Fran from theatre woodwork, now get to work

Fran was given this tomato plant award by a student

“best ever technician award”

god bless the students

20120720-040040 PM.jpg

Lovely Leslie from Print with her fledgling spidericus domestus.

20120720-040212 PM.jpg

Fab Nancy, Nancy rocks although i’m not sure what plant she is holding there.

20120720-051842 PM.jpg

Maggie and her Orchid.

20120720-051907 PM.jpg

Liston, by far the coolest dude in Wimbledon and an ace gardener to boot. Rock on Liston!!

20120720-052222 PM.jpg

Anne, Maggie and Jenny’s front garden.

One of our lovely sun flowers eventually makes an appearance.



20120830-035145 PM.jpg
The dean of wimbldon simon Betts

cutlery corner


We thought you’d like to see some of the rather magnificent eating devices we have found cause to manufacture over the years. Often we are caught with a ravenous appetite and no way of actually moving the food from the dish to the mouth. This is how we overcame such obstacles.

Funky Forktastic!

And then we have….

…another forkular delight.

But wait!…what if i have soup?