MA students get busy.

We thought you’d like to see what the Wimbledon Wunderkinder are up to right now, here one of our masters students is working hard towards her masters show.

Hotting Up!

This is a studio pic with the work in progress .

Stephan deliberating

This is Stephan deliberating about paint…..note the action man on the floor, i dunno what he has to do with anything but i think he and Stephan are in some sort of creative collaboration.

action man....can be useful.

So can scaffold systems….Georgia here is installing her steel work in the rafters of the sculpture studios with the help of the new scaffold tower.

There is lots of stuff on the floor during these instals, here is some of Tim’s floor sweepings..

Tim's space

And then there are things like this,

I am not sure if you eat this or exhibit it.....

That make this,

yum yum!

paint, we love paint here at Wimbledon