There’s been a few changes round here……

Welcome back to Wimbledon!

We hope y’all had a real purdy summer break, we sure did here, and there have been a few changes since you last dropped by.

Top of the list is our new patented workshop over-wear as modeled here by Frank, one of our excellent technical staff……. images-2As you can see Frank is both comfortable and fashionable, in fact he was quite the hit at the summer hoot-a-nanny this year and one first prize in the ‘innovative work wear’ category.





As some of you might have already heard, there is a HUGE eco-building being erected on the now infamous WCA sculpture yard [R.I.P. the yard], we have some material and workman arriving on site and  an artists impression of what this state-of-the art 21st century Wunderkinder facility is going to look like, take a peak preview images-2





Check out the eco-worthyness of this project, even the builders are wearing recycled hessian sacks for trousers, hats, jackets and even shoes!

Now Eco that Chelsea!!!!



Next up in terms of summer news is the new Wimbledon Wunderkinder Bus Shelter, situated right outside the college gates, this state of the art covered passenger shelter will protect you from the elements as you wait for either the 46 or 259 bus routes direct to the world famous Mitcham Recycling Plant and the prestigious Wimbledon Dog Track. images





Finally we would like to thank all those that turned out for the end of term party, although it was a little muddier than last year we are pretty sure that everyone had a ball, especially those who turned up in this years must have ‘patented work over wear’ as seen at the top of this page [worn by Frank].images-4




Oh, almost forgot, our very own Wunderkinder Chef won second prize in the National Exotic Food Competition with this sterling effort, images


Its an Octopus Sausage served on a bed of gherkins and yellow peppers…Quite how Stacey discovered this unusual dish remains a mystery although her summer break in Iceland, [the store not the country], might have contributed to the insightful nature of this rather special Wunderkinder food stuff. Be sure to ask Stacey at the canteen to try it next time you drop by!

Stay tuned for more Wunderkinder news coming straight at you from the heart of the south.