a BIG, warm welcome to the Wunderkinder Workhouse!

images-5Okay so we lost Phil, and yes, it was a blow. To be honest we never thought he’d get out with such a small spoon but we underestimated Phils maternal connection to his beloved Chelsea and he tunneled all the way back. Gotta applaud his resourcefulness and a 10 1/2 mile tunnel excavated beneath the surface of London with only a Victorian sugar spoon is exceptionally resourceful.

So, we filled the gap with the magnificently clever Anna from CSM. Actually Anna is from Namibia [which is near CSM], and we bagged her with the old ‘riding on a beer cooler’ game. The rules are simple, you ride a beer cooler until you either fall off drunk, or get arrested. To be fair Anna was set up right from the off, we just pushed the beer cooler [with Anna on board] all the way from CSM to the Wunderkinder Workhouse in one go. Anna didn’t realise she’d been nabbed until the next day when she woke up [with a hang over] in the Victorian Steel Shop here at WCA. Nicely blagged!


Back in the 1950s we used to steal all of our technical team with the ‘sailing a table across the Thames’ game, similar to the beer cooler game but with a table, an out-board motor and a river [the Thames]. Basically you’d ride the table from one side of the river to the other, on reaching the south bank the table was instantly sawn in half rendering it useless as a means of escape. We got our beloved ‘Prospector Pete‘ this way….. [so now you know Chelsea!].


As you all know, any stay at the Wunderkinder Workhouse is celebrated with the application of a permanent Tattoo, [The Dean of Chelsea has USA tattooed along the length of his manhood]. So in proper Wunderkinder tradition this beautifully executed work is now proudly adorned by Phil and i think you’ll agree, that’s quite a six-pack!


Finally we are putting together a Christmas panto here at the Workhouse. This years theme is multi-cultural-ethno-echoism and we’d like to thank the fashion designers at LCF for the sterling work they have done on the costumes so far.


“Son……. fetch my shootin’ stick as i feel some roadkill comin’ on….”


Remain Vigilant.

PhilThis has just come to the Wunderkinders attention, its a missing persons report for one of Chelsea College of Arts most excellent technicians Phil. Now here at Wimbledon we take very good care of our technical staff, and in all the years i have been here i believe we have only ever mislaid one [Bad Barry the Worse]. Anyway it transpires that our brothers over in Millbank have, in this instance, managed to mislay one of their finest technical assets, so if we could all keep vigilant, with luck we will find Phil soon.