Remain Vigilant.

PhilThis has just come to the Wunderkinders attention, its a missing persons report for one of Chelsea College of Arts most excellent technicians Phil. Now here at Wimbledon we take very good care of our technical staff, and in all the years i have been here i believe we have only ever mislaid one [Bad Barry the Worse]. Anyway it transpires that our brothers over in Millbank have, in this instance, managed to mislay one of their finest technical assets, so if we could all keep vigilant, with luck we will find Phil soon.


4 thoughts on “Remain Vigilant.

  1. Ah-ha! Phil is actually 56 years old, however when he crossed over the threshold of Wimbledon College of Art last week he immediately went back in time shedding an incredible 27 years!
    This is quite common here, the Victorian Lay-line on which WCA was founded was once believed to hold the secrets of eternal youth although we now know it was in fact built on top of a worm hole in time where equipment, people and even process revert back to the pre-decimal [Imperial] period and everything is seen in sepia tones.

  2. Found! After a little over two weeks a dishevelled Phil has stumbled back into Chelsea looking grubby, pale, malnourished and mumbling incoherently words like English wheel, punch & shear, rolling and bolt. Clearly he has been held in conditions akin to our Victorian forefathers but now back in familiar comfort we were able to decipher that his captors had been very kind to him, so we thank them for that. Phew!

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