University deity moves to higher ground.

Its true, we can hardly believe it ourselves. Our Wunderkinder deity Jordonos Magnificus of Americonia has transcended himherthemself above and away from the old University grounds where many of hisherthemselfs disciples came to know and love himherthemself with unquestioning faith and divine love and trust.

god jordan


Jordonis was, for many of us here at the workhouse, the Oracal, the font of all knowledge and the ONE. Hisherthemselves power of intuitive understanding and all-knowing radiance was at times blinding to the unbeliever and at the same time life-art-love-affirming to those of us who followed in hisherthemselves mighty foot steps.

It is our understanding here that Jordonis has been drafted by Royal Appointment to an establishment that needs hisherthemselves guidance in straightening out the less devout.  As we all know from previous Royal Appointments, mistakes can be made and noses put out of joint. Indeed some truly dreadful work has eminated from the Royal Appointment in the past, less we forget the hideosity that was Glynnoff Willy Ammsfigurative work‘ of the past decades. Indeed it precisely because of such horrors committed against culture that Jordonis is now charged with putting right.

So, its a big Wunderkinder goodbye to our resident deity and it is with tears in out hearts that we bid Jordonis Magnificus a fond farewell.

Bon Voyage wise old one.





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