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I was sitting here thinking one day that perhaps one or two of you might be interested to see the sort of transport that the Wimbledon Wunderkinder like to use. This page is dedicated to one fine steed, the ‘Berlin Stradroller’ or street scooter as it roughly translates. Here are a few pics of Franks SR 59 Berlin.

Here we have it, the mighty Berlin Stradroller SR59

This scooter was recently brought back to life after standing still since the 1970’s. Many things in Wimbledon have moved on since the 1970’s, the canteen for instance, not all of the tutors clothes though….

Beautiful sleek lines, engine vents and exhaust.

The IWL factory made the Berlin SR 59 you see here. It was the 3rd incarnation of the popular East German scooter, its successor being called the ‘Troll’.

The mighty dancing bear of Berlin.

After the second world war much of the soviet military hardware was melted down and made into useful household objects like this one. The British made sinks [as seen in the Kitchen sink page]. I,d prefer to scooter than do the washing up myself.

Here we can see the aluminum floor pan and foot controls

Gears are selected by a standard motorcycle style foot lever. The break is on the right hand side.

Nice little control panel with idiot lights

The Berlin SR 59 is capable of a heady 50 mph and its 150cc engine is air cooled and quite punchy for a 53 year old scooter. This example has only actually done 11,000 km from new!

Nice Rump!

Here we can see the rather attractive rump of the Berlin. Note the handy pressed aluminum spare wheel and carrier rack for your sandwiches.

very important operational stickers.

Aluminum front mudguard and bumper bar.

As i said earlier, everything of the Berlin is made from aluminum including the leg shields, floor pan and mudguard. The only steel bits are the tubular frame section and the rear bubble.

Air intake for the fan

This vent is for the fan, the motor is fan cooled via a little tiny fan belt direct form the crank. All the engine cowlings are cast aluminum also.

original paint and original dents.

This Berlin is still sporting its original orange paint job. Its pretty rare to find a 53 year old scooter in its factory livery which is exactly why i left it that way. Remember, things are only original once!

Lambretta club scooter meet sticker from this year

One fine steed indeed.

Not every scooter us Wunderkinder ride is in fact German, some are Italian like this Vespa.

Italian Vespa's are still a good choice of workhorse for the frugally minded.

This one is painted in German U-Boat grey and sports the ‘laughing swordfish’ decals made so popular by the German Navy in the late 1930s.

cute little fella isn't he.

This particular bike has seen some pretty hard service over the years as you can see from this close up of the front mud guard. It has even been a homeless persons main accommodation for a few months when Frank and the Vespa lived in Peckham, South London.

more decals on the front leg shields

Here at Wimbledon we like graphics, logos and insignia.

We also really like engines and propulsion. The Vespa has a unique and very reliable power plant, this scooter started life as a PX200 however the original engine blew up [twice] so Frank fitted this smaller and considerably less expensive engine.

hard as nails! .....the unbeatable Vespa PX engine.

This engine was found in a friends garden and bought for the princely sum of £20. It has never broken down and continues to give great service to this day.

riveting stuff!

This is the hole where the old oil tank and viewing window once lived. Needless to say we don’t need those kinda things anymore believing in the power of premix instead. 2 stroke oil needs to be mixed into the fuel at source, usually the garage forecourt.

very handy carry rack on the back. Great for lunch, waterproofs and even furniture!

So there we have it, two fine steads i am sure you’ll agree. If you have any pictures of you scooter you’d like to send in and have us put up on the German Scooter Appreciation Society page then please mail them along and we shall see what we can do.

Thanks for visiting and happy motoring!


2 thoughts on “German Scooter Appreciation Society

  1. have a Berlin s r 59 scooter and need a kickstarter return spring ,also a spare wheel to fit on back on to of the luggage rack. Any help or anyone in USA selling parts or will deal with england or europe, thanks in advance Jack

    • Jack, the SR59 is a wonderful tool once running properly. I have got all my parts through German scooter forums, I’ll try and post you a link as soon as i’ve found it. There are a few German speaking dealers also, you’ll have to write your wish list then translate it in Bable fish [or the like] for the Germans to understand you, i have found this quite effective.

      Also worth looking at is [the German ebay], there are quite a lot of parts for the 59 on there. I have your email so i’ll mail you over a dealer link from Germany that i have used once i have found it.
      All the best from the UK and scooter on!

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