Lets talk Tech!

This page is dedicated to some of the fab new tech Wimbledon has to offer its Wunderkinder. Let me be the first to tell you that no-one takes tech more seriously than us and to prove that take a glance at some of the state-of-the-art technology recently acquired by our fantastic IT department.images-11

Here is Sara working away at our brand new phone & combined fax and text machine….






And our HyperStudio[tm] induction manual.images-10

This little tool is called the ‘discombobbulator’ and can add up and do sums….apparently. Great for working out budgets i gather.


images-7This is one of our students hard at work on the new Appfel Mac, an east German prototype of the less well known American equivalent.


images-6And finally we just gotta hold of this bang up to date IBM, which stands for Institutional Budget Machine, naturally we want to spend our resources wisely and this machine allows us to purchase todays materials at yesterdays prices!


Great stuff.

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