Luthiers Corner

This page is dedicated to those fine craftsmen and women amongst us who know the importance of ultra-high tolerances and quality craftsmanship.


click to here to hear woody hard at it with Frank accompanying him on the 5 string banjo.

Some quality bridge pin work from Steve on this highly original late 1970's guitar.

Quality billet steel nut, now that's what i call 'metal'........

Here is a pic of our rather fab single string bass banjo. Yes, it does work.

this baby really sings.”]”]Its not all fun here, sometimes we really have to work hard. Will spent days manufacturing this very snazzy bridge, good work Will.

What about this for some tasty woodwork?, courtesy of Woodworkin' Will, thanks Will!

Some contenders for further luthery attention.......

Here is an example of what can be achieved when you use a nail file and a wood saw to ‘model’ the heel on a 5 string banjo. Quality sculptural work no doubt about it. Sadly much of this good work will be obscured from view by the resonator.

Quality heel work i think you'll agree.

20120803-104911 AM.jpg

No idea what this is but its probably a letter rack. Musical? I doubt it.

20120803-104922 AM.jpg

Woody likes to wolf whistle the local cats in his neighborhood so he devised these rather effective ‘cat call’ whistles. When woody plays them cats come from miles around believing that one of their kind is in trouble!

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