Hold on tight and focus…its a long ride.

As the summer ends and the new academic year begins the air is full of nubile anticipation. The Wunderkinder Technical family are frantically getting the workshops ready to do it all again, greasing, painting, sweeping and talcum powdering all the relevant areas.

Frans rationalising his tropical wood pile into termite friendly and not so termite friendly piles, Pete plots the coming year to paper and Tim [the brilliant and exceptionally talented painting technician] scouts the planet for fresh pigments.

20121002-082539 AM.jpg

Tits in the magnolia tree

The magnolia tree in the court yard hasn’t been doing so well since the new MA building was built a few years ago, possibly the foundations upset the roots, the lime in the cement can upset trees, however i was pleasantly surprised to find that two young tits Have made the tree there home, tweet tweet!

20120928-123016 AM.jpg

20120928-123039 AM.jpg