Prewar Flathead Gibson Mastertone page

Okay so this is what its all about.......

Okay so here it is, a genuine prewar flathead Gibson pot assembly clearly showing the original 20 hole flathead ring. This one is gold plated indicating that it probably came off a Granada or Florentine as they were the only gold plated banjos Gibson were making at this time.

Lovely, a TB3 conversion.
















Here is a lovely TB3 conversion [the TB means Tenor banjo], many of these tenors have been converted to 5 string banjos with replacement custom built necks. This one is a nice example and comes in at a fraction of the cost of an original RB [RB denotes ‘regular banjo or 5 string]

the all important 'Mastertone' block on the 22nd fret

OMG!!!! he's got two!!!

Now that’s real lucky!  this man is holding an RB 12 from around 1937 [right] and a ‘checkerboard’ style 6 from around 1931[left]……….i am really drooling.

Kings of the jungle.

These good looking fellas are arguably the most important faces in Bluegrass. Earl Scruggs [on the right] sadly passed away earlier this year. He invented the 3 finger style of banjo picking and inadvertently invented Bluegrass [along with Bill Monroe] by speeding up country music in around 1945.

The chap beside him is Jim Mills, Jim plays with Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder, he is one heck of a player and also is the worlds largest dealer of prewar Mastertone flathead banjos.


Hear it for yourselves, a genuine ’33 with a Frank Neat neck.











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