Harriet and kirsty get busy.

The wimbledon sculpture students dig in for the final day. Here are a few snap shot pics of the gang hard at it.

Becca's fancy nail job.

Kirstie, Kyle and Sara looking great.

Kanako and her wax works







This is Beccas fancy pig nail, nice job there Becca!






Cool and the gang……not…







Kanako after the fire……..






This is Kyles super-rock-hard-tree of life [well sort of], it hangs inverted from the highest rafters at WCA and looks just fab.

Super-Kool Kyles super-kool tree.

This is Doctor Will, he is in charge lots of the time....

You know you've worked hard when there is all this left over.....
























Me looking a right chump.


3 thoughts on “Sculpture

  1. yo frank- this blogs wicked! only just seen it- great work!
    anyway been trying to contact you (my uni emails not working anymore) to say that i didn’t get into future map which is a bummer (but kyle, victor and oscar did so sculptures done pretty well!) so i won’t be needing that steel- use it yourself if you like? or one of the other students can have it! thanks for keeping it for me this long, sorry if it’s been a pain! all the best, Georgie

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