Speakers Corner.

this page is dedicated to all those people out there building really rock and roll speaker cabinets.images-2


As i’m sure you all know, speakers were invented in Jamaica in the early 1960s to broadcast Reggae music to the surrounding islands. Especially Trinidad who Jamaicans believed to have an inferior musical diet.








This sterling piece of work was designed and built by 1st year pastry chefs at one of London’s prestigious eateries and it allegedly packs a whopping 100,000 Watts of ‘Blondie‘……way to go pastry boys!



And this is exactly where we like the volume controls to be set……..straight for the heart of the sun.



Here is an archive picture of the old Dean of Wimbledon having his own speaker unit removed from his office. On retiring the old Dean set up a charity for the hard of hearing and this speaker unit played an instrumental part in broadcasting the weekly bulletins to his charitable patrons.images-3

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