Still Life

A few years ago I thought it would be good to go get myself a masters degree here at Wimbledon. The work I chose to exhibit was a piece called ‘Still Life’ Essentially i taught myself to moonshine in the traditional way and set about manufacturing¬† some mighty fine hooch.

Here is a picture of the main rig

Stainless steel and copper beauty.

The worm......the business end if you like.


here we go....the big still.

And prior to the big rig there was this little tiny rig,

and here is a little tiny rig

Without doubt the hardest part of making moonshine is getting your recipes right. This is commonly known as your ‘mash’ and is usually made from fruit, natural starch, natural sugars, grains or rye. You’ll need yeast to get the fermentation process going then depending on the required strength of mash and the sugar [or starch] content of your mash. The whole thing takes about 10 days to properly ferment.

Here is a mash table complete with different recipes, some already completed hooch [in the clear bottles to the right] and my all important recipe book.

propane fired baby!!!!!

Naturally you’ll need some heat. I used an electric cooker, my gas hob at home [risky] and this lovely big propane bottle. By far the best heat is provided by propane.

gotta hide the rig from the authorities....

Here is a pic of the whole set up complete with army camouflage, the main water cooler for the still head, all pipework, hay bale, various other still coils and raw copper. Naturally  you would need to hide such a rig from the authorities, in this instance though i was lucky and no authorities got wind of this little baby.




after a lot of work…..

Here we have it……..all or nothing, never surrender, its ALIVE!!!

its ALIVE!!!

Its amazing who is interested in your work when you can make 70% proof spirit.

Tim and I discussing the petro-chemical qualities of my work.

DISCLAIMER: This is an art work and at no time was any illegal activity undertaken in the name of art.




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