Thats Brilliant!

things that make other things go crunch

god bless the vandal

YouTube Preview Image
YouTube Preview Image
ever “wundered” how jellybabys were born


Steve figured his Myford Super 7 would be much more versatile if he wheel mounted it. Yes its a bit heavy but ‘Very Metal’ [our beloved fork lift] seems to pull Steve’s Super Seven pretty good.

Better haul that baby down to Chelsea hey Steve!

This is another brilliant invention, the ‘electric fence’. We considered 3 phase for this one but found that a little too ‘aggressive’ for our needs. Never the less a remarkably effective method for the safe control of student numbers in the workshop.
Hi-Vis Corners. Notice the Hi-Vis vice handle button also.

A brilliant invention, the Hi Visibility bench corner with colour coded vice handle… that’s nice!

The Concrete Welder.

Designed and developed by Henrik, this was intended to weld concrete and it works in so far as concrete cant be welded and the machine doesn’t actually weld concrete so all in all a success…..Brilliant!

A rather niffty remote control for the kettle....smooth!

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