The Boys

These are a couple of the boys that do the business end of the college work.


Cheers fellas!!!

Rich and Steve 'what you lookin at mate'?

Originally from Hersham, now residing in Wimbledon……Oi! Oi! the Hersham Boys.

This is Divine rocking on.

Uberkool Kieth, the fastest man on two wheels.....


This is Kevin, he is extra nice and he runs the big table in reception.

This is Geoff, Geoff is well cool.

20120720-044648 PM.jpg

This is James, he teaches stuff and is well trendy. Hi James!

20120802-015352 PM.jpg

This is me looking perplexed…….what the hell did i do with that sandwich?

20120802-015448 PM.jpg

This is old Paulie, he used to run things here at Wimbledon but now he is over at London College of Communication. Paul is a true rocker. Rock on Paul!

20120906-112627 PM.jpg

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