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This page is dedicated mostly to my orchid collection. I have been growing orchids for a few years now and just adore them.

Pinocchio orchid, strange fruit indeed.

There are several differing types of this variety of plant sometimes called the ‘ladies slipper’ orchids because of the large bowl or slipper bloom.

a rather lovely 'avocado'

This is my avocado orchid, it flowers every 4 or 5 years so you don’t get to see it much. Note the white fringe on the upper edge of the flower, that is not so usual with these which tend to be one colour only.

The two pics below are of my Cherry Black, again this flowers every so many years so i have only seen it twice in probably 7 years [sigh], take a look though, definitely one of my favorites.

My delightful 'Cherry Black'



How about this Cherry Black....

The Moth Orchid.

Here are a bunch of pictures of my moth orchids, these are by far the most common and hardy plant type here in the UK. Almost un-kill-able [but not quite] and very reasonably priced.

pretty in pink

red spots on yellow

red spots on white

straight purple

Other types of orchid variety

Pink and green Cane Orchid....very hard to keep alive these.

two 'spray' orchids, these tend to have a scent.

These orchids tend to have a very lovely scent, the black plant on the left being the stronger smells of raw natural amber……sweet!

another scented plant, sadly this one died as soon as it had flowered.

Here is a glimps of my favorite. Its just come up for a second flowering and has a strong raw amber scent.

just lovely.

how beautiful is that...

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