The kitchen sink

Here at Wimbledon we have everything, even the kitchen sink, this one is going in Franks dilapidated 1930’s maisonette so should fit in just fine.

1940.s 'Dovdale' made from melted down spitfires!

These old sink units were made from melted down 2nd world war aircraft after the war had finished. The valuable aluminium used in the manufacture of military aircraft was a useful and plentiful resource for the stretched British post war government.

its all in the name.

Most of these Dovedale units came in a rather bland cream colour, naturally we don’t like cream so i opted to strip this one back to the bare metal.

paint stripper...yuk!

So, if you find one of these old babies then give her a buff and plumb her in!

I intend to fit this one soon so i’ll post some pics once she is up and running.


4 thoughts on “The kitchen sink

  1. Hi,got a dovedail sink unit.
    Can not turn srews inside kitchen cabinet to release taps.
    Bar in way.


    • Hi there Stanley, you’re talking about the big nuts that secure the tap body to the underside of the sink bowl right[?]. If so a [large] open ended spanner turned from behind the unit is the way to go. I removed my taps and re-sealed them this way and it was quite easy.
      Good luck, great sink units, i love mine!

  2. I have a kitchen sink like the above. Give me a rough valuation as just taken out and might be interested in selling



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