T.A.S.E. student reaching the final straight.

Dave and Mark the lights of our lives.....seriously, these guys do lighting.


This is the set for an advert for Center Point, the homeless charity for young people. Great work, great charity.


Technical Arts and Special Effects students demonstrate a very high level of expertise and specialist mold making knowledge.



This is Fran. He rocks big time.

This is Fran, you can find him in the woodworking dept along with woody and Pete. Fran rocks!


and another angle....









very fine needle work, i love magenta!!!


This is Steve......he knows almost everything.


This is Steve, he is in charge of Theater metal work and quite frankly knows almost everything.







Awesome reality check on this one, the puppet maker.

Costume show, good stuff indeed.

And this is costume. Very high quality of workmanship comes outta the costume department.





The costume department always puts on a great show.





quite stunning this work, very life like, good work from T.A.S.E.

Viv in the dye room.


This is Viv in the dye room [in the background] working with a student.


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